1Win Lucky Jet Game Philippines

1Win Lucky Jet is an exclusive crash title that can open up a new gambling experience for you. Join thousands of gamblers, get your 500% bonus, and start winning in just a couple of clicks. Learn more about this game below to play smarter and win!

1Win Lucky Jet crash slot on Philippine territory

About Lucky Jet Casino Game

Developed exclusively for 1Win Casino, Lucky Jet quickly stood out from standard casino games with its fresh design and graphics. Against the backdrop of the popularity of another crash game (Aviator), Lucky Jet was a breath of fresh air since pleasant music and a new integrity check system were added to the game.

The gameplay is classic for crash titles: collect your winnings before the round ends. However, 1Win Lucky Jet won the attention of gamblers from its first launch and has been among the top treasury games for more than three years. By the way, the 1Win platform made a quick button on the official website for Lucky Jet.

Lucky Jet Game Description
Game NameLucky Jet
First Launch2021
Min Bet0.1$ (5.6₱)
Max Bet140$ (7,800₱)
Max Winx10000.00

Lucky Jet Casino Game Top Features

The main advantage of this game is the interface, which is literally a direct representation of the concept of user friendly. It’s as simple and concise as possible:

  • To the right is the live chat, where you can chat with other players in the lobby, repost your winnings, etc.
  • To the left is the bet history, where you can check your bets, the best (for a certain time) or those you made for the current round.
  • The top contains all the basic information, including rules, settings to turn off animation, game limits, etc.
  • The bottom part is completely designed for bets.

In addition, gamblers have the opportunity to place two bets simultaneously (including for each round) in automatic mode. Just enter the amount (you can set a different one for each bet) and click the Auto Bet checkbox. If you want to play hands-free, you can even turn on Auto withdrawal by setting the desired multiplier, at which point you will automatically receive your money.

Main features of 1Win Lucky Jet crash game

How to Start Playing 1Win Lucky Jet

If you want to try this title, you will need a couple of steps.

  1. Register. Sign up on the site using one of two methods – Quick via email or social networks.
  2. Deposit. Make your first deposit to play for real money. The minimum bet in 1Win Lucky Jet is only 5.6₱ ($0.1), so even a minimum deposit will be enough for you to play.
  3. Play. Place your bet and hit the cash out before the round ends.

This is what the guide for beginners looks like. Subsequently, you will only need to repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 in order to play Luck Jet.

Help in 1Win Lucky Jet game stats

Lucky Jet Gameplay

Each Lucky Jet round looks basically the same. You place a bet, and the round begins with the character flying a jetpack. Then, there is a 5-6 second break between rounds so that players can change the bet size, set up auto-cashout functions, etc., and then everything starts again. The game is available for gambling 24/7 and works regardless of how many players are in the lobby.

1Win Lucky Jet gameplay description

How to Win at Lucky Jet

To win, you need to cash out before the round ends. It sounds easy, but it is better to practice in demo mode before doing this. Next, you need to understand multiplier patterns and low/high bet frequency. 

The game has a live chat where you can ask for advice, but be careful — not all gamblers suggest the right things, so it is better to make the final decision yourself. To save and manage your bankroll correctly, you should use the Martingale system. The basic principle of the Martingale strategy is that the player must double his bet after each loss in order to make a profit ultimately. Also, do not forget about the possible 1Win bonuses that can be applied at Lucky Jet.

Lucky Jet 1Win Lucky Jet slot strategy


At its core, this crash game is not particularly different from other types of slots in this category. However, gamblers prefer to play 1Win Lucky Jet. Why? First of all, this is an increased frequency of high multipliers, which allows you to win a lot and quickly.Lucky Jet is ideal for both beginners who are just getting acquainted with gambling and experienced players. Its high RTP undoubtedly sets it apart from other crash titles, such as Aviator or JetX.