Affiliate Program at 1Win: How it Works and How to Join

1Win affiliate program is a form of advertising cooperation with one of the best gambling platforms. If you have your blog, website, YouTube channel, or any other media platform, you can make a profit from it. The more new clients join 1Win, thanks to your efforts, the more real money you will receive through monetization. Want to know more? Then, scroll down and join the 1Win program.

Earnings with 1Win affiliate program

Key Advantages to Work with 1Win Affiliate Program

1Win PH does not limit partners in the amount they can earn. However, you’re probably wondering what the key benefit is besides money.

  • Reliable Brand. 1Win is a legal platform with one of the largest number of clients worldwide. Thanks to this, partners (affiliates) can rest assured of the reliability and stability of cooperation.
  • Variability of Platforms. You can join the program if you have Google, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms for advertising and monetization.
  • PR Tools. 1Win provides all the necessary guides, tools, and instructions to promote your brand. For example, you can generate unique links and promotional codes, receive advertising banners, and much more without difficulty.

Throughout the interaction process, affiliates are in constant contact with managers and the 1Win team. Even if this is your first experience, 1Win specialists will help you understand the range of work and the features of monetization.

The main advantages of working with the bookmaker's affiliate program

1Win Products

The main product that 1Win provides is gambling platforms, including online casinos and bookmaker sites. Also, with recent updates, 1WinTV has been added to the list of online gambling platforms. Thus, variability is also one of the main advantages, including the fact that 1Win is known to everyone. As a result, your audience will not respond negatively to the presence of advertising and various banners because they understand that this company is one of the best on the market.

Main products for earning with 1Win affiliate program

1Win Working models: CPA, RS and Hybrid

To work, partners have access to 3 main interaction models: CPA (Cost Per Action), RS (RevShare) and Hybrid. You decide which model to choose based on the capabilities and features of your media platform. Briefly about each model:

  • CPA is the simplest model, the essence of which is that the affiliate receives a percentage for each specific user action, such as registration (~1$), first deposit (~2$), bonus activation (~3$), etc. (The amounts indicated here are only approximate).
  • R.S. RevShare is a more stable and complex model than the previous one. Its essence is that you receive a percentage only when the user generates income for the company you are promoting. For example, a gambler makes a deposit, and based on the percentage of your RS, you will receive a certain amount (for instance., 25-50% of the deposit).
  • Hybrid. The hybrid model is the most optimal for more advanced affiliates. In this model, partners receive both profits from CPA and a percentage from RevShare.

If this is your first experience, then it is better to choose the CPA or RS model. Khibrnaya is discussed personally with the manager and the affiliate for more effective promotion.

Description of earning models with bookmaker affiliate program


All the necessary information (including how to join) about the affiliate program at 1Win is on the official website – If you have any questions or want to become part of a reliable company, you can contact use the following contacts:

You can also check Instagram, where you can see how meetings and various events for affiliates are held. Feel free to learn something new, join and earn money with 1Win.